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The clean up begins

After the fun and excitement of the fireworks, comes the dreaded task of the clear up!

Unfortunately, Fireworks generally can’t be recycled, and they should be soaked in water after use to make sure there is no flammable material remaining.

Each year we produce 3% more waste than the year before, which is why Just Label It are committed to helping our customers reduce the environmental impact of their packaging through responsible labelling.

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It doesn’t cost the Earth

Compostable labels are a great way to reduce the impact of your packaging and promote a responsible brand image awareness.
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We even have materials that safely biodegrade in water, should your product accidentally find it’s way into the rivers and oceans.

Do you use paper labels?!

The majority of us would assume that all paper labels are compostable and don’t leave a carbon footprint, however in quite a lot of cases this is not so. Most adhesives used for fixing labels to products are not recyclable and when applied to paper labels, cause problems in the paper recycling process. This is the same for varnish and laminate finishes which are also applied to finished labels.

The best practice is to use labels that are entirely compostable and will biodegrade quickly as to leave as little trace as possible. If you are interested in doing your bit for our little world then contact us here at https://justlabelit.co.uk/eco-friendly/

Thanks for reading and taking the time to think about our environment.

Have a great day all

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