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Here are a few answers to questions our Sales and Customer Service team are regularly asked as well as some useful guidelines that you can download. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email if you have any more questions regarding our label printing, production and service.

What kind of labels do you produce?

All kinds! See our product listings page, if you can’t find what you need chances are we can still do it. Contact us using the details on our about us page

I want to order labels – what should I do?

Have a look at our online quote calculator for the fastest route. If you have something different in mind please call our sales team on +44(0)78284 29603 or email us. Alternatively you can fill out our Enquiry Form and we will contact you to discuss your label requirements.

What is your standard lead time?

Turnaround time for digital labels is 3-5 working days after art work proof and Long run Flexo is 7-10 working days.If you have a short deadline to hit we will always do the best we can to help you reach it.

Do you print digitally?

Yes. We have a whole range of digital printing capabilities.

Do you do flexo printing?

Yes. Most of our high volume printing is done on an Nilpeter FB-3.

Can you provide a press proof before production?

Yes. Press proofs are available and can be quoted for. An alternative to a full press pass would be a digital proof from our digital press, which looks close to the end product but is a less expensive option.

What should I do to set up my account?

Create an account here which will give you access to your previous order history and current status.


What is the winding specification?

As all our labels are supplied on reels, we need to know which winding specifications you require before starting production. This will vary depending on the applicator to be used when your labels are applied to the final product.

Download our reeling specification guidelines

What kind of files do JLI Ltd accept?

We can accept PDF /x, Illustrator CC, Indesign CC. We would rather have native files, but we know that this is not always possible.

Digital Printing Guidlines

How do I deliver an artwork file to JLI Ltd?

Files can be sent to us via e-mail: hello@justlabelit.co.uk.

Large files may be transferred via WeTransfer

What about pre-flighting digital files?

All files are processed through our pre-flight procedure where we manually check all aspects supplied i.e. fonts, colours, size, colour space, image resolution, bar codes etc.

Can I have my labels personalised?

Personalisation is something we are good at. It’s a fantastic option available on the Digital presses. 3 HP Indigo WS 6800s and Screen Truepress offer both simplex and duplex printing with full colour personalisation. Please email us to find out more.

What is required to produce a variable data label?

Consecutive numbers can be created by us, but if it is a complex serial numbering sequence, then we would require an Excel file (i.e. data saved as a .txt/csv file). Please call our customer service team on +44(0)7828 429603 to find out more.

How will you deliver my labels?

Your labels will be despatched by courier in secure packed boxes. If required, orders can be delivered to customers under plain cover or with your own branded delivery notes. Our despatch team work hard to ensure your labels arrive in perfect condition and on time.

Do you have any quality checks before despatching labels?

Yes, absolutely. We have quality checks throughout our order, production, finishing and despatching processes.

Do you charge for delivery?

The cost for standard next day delivery within the UK is included in the price for orders over £300. The cost for same day or overseas deliveries will vary. If you would like to know more on this please contact our Customer Service Team on +44(0)7828 429603.

Can you deliver labels overseas?

Yes. If you require delivery overseas, please contact us to check the cost.

How many colours does the HP Indigo print?

The press uses the indichrome system, which is orange, violet and green as well as the conventional four colours; this gives a wider gamut of colour when reproducing pantone colours. The press also has a white channel for clear substrates but we can also add spot colours and specials such as fluorescent pink.

What material can be used when printing on the digital presses?

Virtually anything! We can print on a wide range of materials, ranging from 20 micron film up to 350gsm non-adhesive board.

What is the maximum print size on the digital presses?

320mm x 980mm on the HP Indigo WS6800

322mm x 2400mm on the Truepress L350UV Inkjet

Can the digital machines print micro text?

The Indigo WS6800 can print 0.7pt font size at 100% density in any of the seven colours.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

No. Our wide range of presses means we can supply any quantity and any type of reel labels.

What should I do if I don’t know which label works best for me?

Get in touch. Call +44(0)7828 429603 to speak to someone, we will advise you on some suitable solutions.

Can you print any colour or shape label?

Yes. Due to the wide range of machinery and their various capabilities we can cover the full colour gamut. We also have thousands of cutters in stock for each of our printing presses. If we do not hold a cutter for the size or shape of label you require we can order one within 24 hours.

Can you design a label for me?

We do have an in-house studio to assist with preparing your artwork designs for print, however we do not design the labels for you. If you contact our customer services team they will be able to advise you on suitable design companies that could help.

Do you sell labels off the shelf?

No. All our labels are printed to order.

Do you produce flat sheet labels?

All our printing presses are reel fed but we have finishing machines that can finish onto a sheet rather than a reel if required.

Can you print on any self-adhesive material?

Yes, almost all. However, some very thick materials will not run through our presses. Please email us to find out more.

Can I use a label on any surface?

Some surfaces require specific types of material and adhesive so it is best to check first with our experienced Customer Service Team on +44(0)7828 429603 to ensure you have what you need.

Can I have a label that is easily removed?

Yes, no problem. You can request to have labels printed on removable material which is designed to remain on the product as long as intended.

Can you produce multilayer/peel and read labels?

Yes. Our presses can produce up to 4 layer peel & read labels and also piggyback labels.

Can you produce waterproof labels?

Yes, however testing is recommended.

How should I store my labels?

Labels should be stored at 20-22*C at 50-55% humidity. Reels should be stored horizontally, not vertically, and should not be in direct sunlight or close to heating sources. A ‘first in, first out’ stock rotation system is recommended.

What shelf life will my labels have?

18 months from the day of material manufacture, when stored according to the recommended conditions.


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