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The psychology of labels and branding has been known for years, yet some of us still don’t spend enough time considering the options.

We often get caught up in the daily running’s of our business venture and less time gets dedicated to the final hurdle. I am here to discuss business and branding. How your product looks on the shelf next to your competition and how well it does, boils down to two important factors. Design & Quality.

Being in the label printing business I get to see many different designs done by various companies and the one thing that stands out to me is this.

No matter how well done your design is, if it is not executed to a high quality standard, it will always fall short.

Let’s look at Beverage/ Drinks labels. How many times have you wondered through a supermarket looking at the drinks and thought, oh that logo doesn’t look very good, I’ll buy that “Said no one ever”.

The most sought after products are always the products with great design and even better quality labels that stand out and grab your attention. On occasion the quality of the product may be inferior to others brands but if the visual quality of the exterior is great, it will entice buyers to purchase it, which shows just how powerful and important this process is on our psyche.

Food for thought, when was the last time you bought a phone that was older than your current one or even the same phone again? Chances are you bought a newer phone because it has better functionality and design but overall it is shiny and new so appears to be a better quality phone. Almost every decision we make we do with the intent to have better quality. (How many more times can I say the word quality 🙂 ?!).

I will place a video below that I feel will help anyone who is looking for a bit more information when it comes to branding & design. Although the video is based on craft beers in the USA, the same principles and rules apply here in the UK. Enjoy!

Below I will also place a link to my website Justlabelit.co.uk, come visit the site, have a look around and ask any questions you would like. We will be happy to assist in any of your needs just ask away.

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